Statues were erected

  • 16+
  • Genre:Dark HumourSci-fi
  • Story: Klikke Sietel
  • Time to Read: 20 minutes (guided view format)
  • Pencils/Inks: Joe Bedregal
  • Letters: Hector Negrete
  • Colours: Jacqui Venturini
  • Gene Queens created by: Sietel Singh Gill
  • Gene Queens characters featured: Celestine de la Tour, Timory Heard-Pitcher, Yasmin of Lesotho.
G-Air is one of the rappers of the moment. He's so fly and hot that groupies throng to him and well, it's hard for an African brother who has made it big to say no to advances. Yasmin wants to win his heart - she's the solution to his loneliness - except he already has a fix from the Gene Queens, an idea so clever and profoundly good for him, they'll be making statues of him in the future.