Dark HumourSocial Drama

Only-child Simone is fascinated by the world and its different people and cultures - why SHOULD she have to be limited to the path ordained for a privileged white girl from London? When she falls for a Sikh boy, she discovers his family doesn't like her for what she looks like and where she's from, so she does something about it. Thanks to the Gene Queens and their take-home kits, she can increase the melanin in her skin. The story of how the world handles her choices await you!

Statues were erected

Dark HumourSci-fi

G-Air is one of the rappers of the moment. He's so fly and hot that groupies throng to him and well, it's hard for an African brother who has made it big to say no to advances. Yasmin wants to win his heart - she's the solution to his loneliness - except he already has a fix from the Gene Queens, an idea so clever and profoundly good for him, they'll be making statues of him in the future.

Perpetual Life Enders Anonymous

Dark HumourCrime

Set the day before meeting Gene Queens co-founder Celestine de la Tour in London, Concepta O'Malley, middle child in a crime family of 15, shares with a crowd of fellow enders-of-other's-lives how she became the head of the scariest anti-genetic engineering army in the world...

The platonic law firm

Workplace comedyDark Humour

Rare is the opportunity for both Gene Queens co-founders Lilith and Celestine to be able to attend the same company launch. However, lawyer and feminist icon Vanessa Vermont is making a huge announcement for her all-female law firm. It's such big news that even Aunty Soledad, Celestine's business mentor, has made the trip from the UK. Will Vanessa finally be hiring men? Or is the news even more groundbreaking for womankind and indeed humanity?