• 16+
  • Genre:Dark HumourSocial Drama
  • Story: Klikke Sietel
  • Time to Read: 30 minutes (guided view format)
  • Pencils/Inks: Joe Bedregal
  • Letters: Hector Negrete
  • Colours: Jacqui Venturini
  • Gene Queens created by: Sietel Singh Gill
  • Gene Queens characters featured: Celestine de la Tour, Simbar Contractor, Neda Contractor, Theodora Christensen.
Only-child Simone is fascinated by the world and its different people and cultures - why SHOULD she have to be limited to the path ordained for a privileged white girl from London? When she falls for a Sikh boy, she discovers his family doesn't like her for what she looks like and where she's from, so she does something about it. Thanks to the Gene Queens and their take-home kits, she can increase the melanin in her skin. The story of how the world handles her choices await you!