Every Unhappy Family is Frisky in its Own Way


The Pizzini sextuplets. Each of them talented in a different field. Six incredible sisters…and then there’s sad little brother Emery. Sex and love addict. The object of his affection? Melisma. The sextuplet he lives with. During a family fashion show, he calls his SLAA sponsor and Gene Queen Threnody Cassidy to help him be not unhappy and not frisky.

The Little Ones Hurt


Gene Queens co-founder Celestine de la Tour makes a trip to the Hague to meet a girl once the Polish daughter of addicts handed over to be educated in Japan at a terrifying school. That girl-now-woman, Elizaveta, has been convicted of a crime of international renown. How did she become the scariest lass in the world?

At Dinner, To Dinner, The CyGirl Comes


Set after the events of the third installment of C-Girls’s Night Out in Sydney, this is the story of when Threnody Cassidy from Coogee, Sydney invited a Polish Girl from Japan to dinner at her family home to meet her mother. There is wine, bok choy, reminiscence, choy sum, and tentacle.

C-Girls’s Night Out in Sydney


Threnody Cassidy was on a path to self-destruction until her arms were augmented into Swiss-army-knife-style cybernetic arms. Elizabetter Polanski has been more than 70% cyber-girl, or C-girl, for a long-time and has been apartment-bound since seeking asylum in Australia. This is what happens when Threnody takes Elizabetter out in Sydney’s Circular Quay for a girls’ night out.

The Living Dress Demo Day


Capturing a moment in the complex history between the original Gene Queens Celestine and Lilith, or Cass as we all called her after her last name ‘Cassidy’: when they were briefly separated, how did Celestine win her true love back? Well, she tried to change one of the most exploitative industries in the world by inventing something. Bye bye fast fashion. Hello living dresses.